Corporate Social Responsibility

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“Rather than corporate greed, I believe the businesses of the future – those of sustained and sustainable success – will be built and will thrive on love.”

— Sylvie Rochette, President and Founder

In keeping with our Core Values and staying true to our mission, Epicure Selections® is dedicated to practicing business with a profound sense of responsibility to nourish and enrich the communities we touch. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is Epicure’s commitment to integrating social, environmental and economic considerations into our decision-making, operations and corporate culture with innovation, authenticity and caring. We believe it is both our moral and corporate obligation to incorporate CSR considerations into how we choose to do business for the good of our company, our fellow Canadians, our communities and our world. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is our pledge to leave the world better than we found it.

Epicure’s Corporate Social Responsibility is guided by three principles:

1. Environmental Stewardship

Epicure’s Home Office occupies 80 acres of land designated as Agricultural Land Reserve. On this land, we maintain a functioning vineyard and have implemented projects to restore and safeguard our fragile Garry Oak ecosystem and bald eagle habitat. Since their implementation, our comprehensive recycling and waste-management programs have diverted more than thirteen metric tons of garbage from landfills. In addition, we endeavor to deal with packaging material suppliers that are SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified.

2. Health and Wellness

Nutrition & Product Training Specialist, Registered Dietitian Crystal MacGregor and our Executive Chef Cheryl Warwick provide health and wellness tips and training to our valued Customers, Consultants, Home Team Members and members of the community. They and their team regularly contribute their time, energy, expertise and Victorian Epicure™ products in cooking classes at the Victoria Women’s Transition House to assist clients in their transition to healthier lifestyles. We have programs for Home Team Members to quit smoking, extend their professional skills and pursue personal development outside of work with an annual subsidy. The Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce recently recognized our efforts to provide a safe, clean, equitable and inclusive work environment with above average wages and benefits by awarding Victorian Epicure Inc. the Employer of the Year Crystal Award for Business Excellence. We take pride in honouring, rewarding and expressing our gratitude for the contributions and achievements of our Consultants and Home Team Members at annual Conferences and other events.

3. Caring and Sharing

Above all, the belief that it is our purpose to enrich the lives of others differentiates and defines Epicure. We measure our success by how much we contribute to lives and communities. We are a proud member of Imagine Canada, a non-profit organization promoting the interests of Canadian charities through corporate philanthropy. We donate more than 5 per cent of pretax profits to charities annually, and provide Consultants and Home Team Members with fundraising and other opportunities to give back to their communities. Many of our Consultants participated in our 10.10.10. Challenge!, committing 10 random acts of kindness, volunteering 10 hours of their time and donating $10 to the Epicure Foundation™. Home Team Members regularly volunteer on company time with charitable organizations, including Canadian Food Banks, Victoria Women’s Transition House, and Victoria Native Friendship Centre. We have sponsored many children through World Vision, and Sylvie Rochette has personally contributed her services and support in Senegal, volunteering with Voiles Sans Frontiers, sponsoring a child, and putting three young women through midwife training. Sylvie also sponsored a large local family and a medical dispensary in Madagascar.