Meet the Home Team

The talented individuals of Epicure’s Leadership Team guide the services, support, and rewards that Epicure offers to provide our Customers and Consultants with everything they need to succeed. Epicure attracts the best in the business, leading the way with you in mind. Meet our leading lights:

Sylvie Rochette, President and Founder

If necessity is the mother of invention, popularity is another. The overwhelming success of Sylvie’s first four hand-crafted spice blends soon prompted the creation of Canada’s fastest-growing direct sales company. From a payroll of one – Sylvie – Epicure Selections® now shares her recipe for success with thousands of Consultants across the country. When not scouring the globe for the finest ingredients or volunteering her services overseas, Sylvie can be found at Epicure’s 80-acre Home Office facility on Vancouver Island.

Amelia Warren, CEO Victorian Epicure/ Epicure Selections

Amelia works to optimize the Epicure experience for our Customers and Consultants. Amelia is passionate about empowering others to discover their unique talents and leadership potential. Amelia also finds inspiration in nature and creative expression through dancing, singing and writing.

Josée Charbonneau, Special Events Manager

Our Special Events superstar, Josée coordinates all of Epicure’s amazing events, from National Conferences to Home Team gatherings to fabulous incentive trips in exotic vacation destinations. Known for making every occasion extra special, Josée loves the variety and spontaneity Epicure offers.

Ryan Chazottes, Planning Manager/Analyst

Ryan manages a wonderfully diverse and dedicated production team to meet Epicure’s high standards for product quality and safety. Ryan loves Epicure’s commitment to personal and professional development. Outside of work, Ryan is best known for his love of motorcycling.

Darren Cullen, Manager of Customer Experience

Darren uses his Bachelor of Commerce Degree and previous 10 years in Customer Service to ensure an exceptional experience for everyone who contacts Home Office. Darren spends his spare time outdoors, making the most of living on the West Coast. For fine Alfresco dining, Darren recommends his current favourite: Souvlaki Seasoning. "It’s great for barbequing!"

Christy Deslauriers, Executive Project Manager

Christy ensures the shine of Epicure’s public face. She coordinates the production of all Epicure’s printed and electronic materials, facilitating our writers, editors, designers and printers to do the best job possible. Personally devoted to the domestic arts, Christy enjoys working for a food-focused Canadian company.

Blake Dippie, Facilities Manager

Blake ensures the smooth operation of our Home Office facilities, office infrastructure and processing equipment. Lucky for us, Blake thrives on the technology and variety of the tasks he performs. Outside work, Blake tinkers with his collection of vintage kitchen appliances – a perfect fit for a food company.

Greg Hill, Business Analyst

Greg brings substantial banking experience from the UK to help Epicure increase sales and continue to grow and grow! Since joining the Home Team in October 2008, Greg has developed an affinity for our wine jellies. Greg is equally passionate about outdoor activity, particularly running and soccer.

Joe McGill, Controller

Joe is responsible for processing order payments, payroll and company-wide costs. Joe keeps Epicure strictly in the black and our healthy growth shows just how well he does his job. Family is very important to Joe, and he loves being part of Epicure’s expanding one.

Crystal MacGregor RD, Nutrition & Product Training Specialist

Crystal develops recipes, nutritional analyses, articles and educational sessions to promote healthy living for everyone touched by Epicure – a passion she pursues outside the office by cooking, golfing and working out at every opportunity. She loves how Epicure makes healthy eating easy and delicious!

Chris Stone, Manager of Quality Assurance

Chris brought over 8 years of Quality Assurance experience to Epicure, and a passion for the exceptional product quality achieved by a Team as dedicated as ours. When not gaming or running in Victoria’s fair-weather climate, Chris tries his hand at feeding his family – with a little help from his Epicure favourites, such as Taco Seasoning.

Marc Trottier, Executive Vice President

A longtime Team Member, Marc saw the launch of Epicure Selections® and has helped steer our success ever since. Marc is also a passionate runner and coach. With a personal best marathon time of 2:49:50, he’s a hard man to keep up with!

Sandi Vincent, Vice President of Operations

As VP of Operations, Sandi brings her extensive experience in Operations Management to her oversight of Production, Purchasing, and the Distribution Centre. Sandi thrives on Epicure’s fast-paced environment and its many opportunities, and she loves that she learns something new every single day. Sandi enjoys music, reading, and good conversation over a big cup of her favourite: an Epicure Chai Tea Latte.

Cheryl Warwick, Executive Chef

Great food is at the heart of Epicure. Chef Cheryl and her team develop the spice blends, new products, and delicious recipes we’re so famous for. For Cheryl, sharing food with loved ones is one of life’s richest pleasures, and she loves working for a company that reflects her life’s passion.