Our Mission & Corporate Values

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Epicure® continues to thrive with Sylvie’s founding philosophy of Caring and Sharing – a genuine commitment to enriching the lives and communities of Canadians by providing the opportunity to realize their dreams, make the most of their gifts, and inspire others to succeed, in the kitchen and with their own businesses.

Our Mission

Epicure® cultivates and shares abundance, nurturing healthful lifestyles with the freedom and opportunity to succeed.

Our Core Values

Sylvie’s Caring and Sharing philosophy guides Epicure’s decision-making, informs our corporate culture and forms the basis for our company’s Core Values. By embracing these values, we exceed service expectations, fulfill our mission and conduct ourselves and our businesses with integrity, purpose, health, humour and humanity.

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  1. Engage Fully. Put your whole heart into all you do and allow your passion and talents to shine.
  2. Embrace Opportunities and Challenges. Challenges are opportunities in disguise. Embracing what is in front of you is proof of character and accountability.
  3. Support Others to Learn, Succeed and Grow. Foster an environment of lifelong learning for the benefit of all.
  4. Leave Everything Better than you Found It. Tread lightly and leave a clean wake — strive to make a positive impression on everything and everyone.
  5. Fine-tune Constantly to be the Best. Why settle for good enough when you can achieve so much more?
  6. Take Responsibility. Only by owning your actions can you take pride in their impact.
  7. Have a “Wellness Mindset.” Live the best to be your best.
  8. Think Creatively. Imagination and innovation ensure outstanding outcomes.
  9. field workersAppreciate Differences in Others. We all have unique gifts — diversity and inclusiveness are sources of strength.
  10. Be a Team Player. Cultivate a spirit of support and camaraderie — together, we can move mountains!
  11. Have Fun. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.
  12. Caring Means Sharing. Achieve true success by letting your gifts benefit others.